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It’s Not just headshots and laughing at your laptop


You’re fed up of trying to find a decent picture of you for your business and it’s stopping you from feeling confident enough to put most excellent self out there into the world.

I’ve seen it before; scrabbling around on Facebook, and finding the only half-decent picture of you is one where you’re wearing a bridesmaid dress with terrible eyebrows and strawpedoing a bottle of champagne.

“It’ll have to do,” you grumble, as you awkwardly crop out your an assortment of family members (who were chanting “Chug! Chug! Chug!”) gathered around you, and then forward it, along with an otherwise excellent article on the current state of online fitness courses or how to be happier by meditating, to that big blog you want to get featured in.


Your old holiday shots don’t say “CONSUMMATE PROFESSIONAL”, but instead seem to scream, “CONSUMES PROSECCO OFTEN”. 

And that’s before you even think about what to put on social media

Oh, you know all too well that a good image can help get eyeballs on the work you’re putting out there. It feels like you have to work doubly hard to get your work seen because LITERALLY NO-ONE HAS SEEN YOUR FACE, and all the stock images? Well, they’re nice enough.

They just aren’t you.


Who am i?

Hi, I’m Gemma, your next photographer and the sweary wordsmith behind the amusingly named Gemma Shoots People (and trust me, that name helps to filter the people who get me straight away. Uncoventional marketing tactics is my jam).

I spent 17 years as a web developer and branding designer, only turning my hand to photography in 2018 after I realised all of my friends and family were putting the pictures I took of them up on mantelpieces and printing them on cards.

Branding is something I’m INCREDIBLY passionate about, and I have a LOT to say on the subject, but what you need to know is that I took the best bits of a 17-year career in design and development and teamed them up with a life-long passion in photography so I can help you show up like the majestic unicorn you are.

I’m the person to come to if you want fun, easy, colourful photos, part-documentary style, part-directed, that tell the story of your brand with you at the heart of it all. No wanky gimmicks, just wicked pictures.


I had some shots of myself ready for my website and I am really thrilled with how they have come out. Gemma is a truly talented photographer and bloody fabulous human – I will be recommending her far and wide!!!


Rebecca Spittles
Life Coach, rebeccaspittles.com

The power of professional photos

When I was a web designer, I decided to invest in some professional pictures.

The confidence they brought me totally changed the trajectory and impact of my business.

Less than a year after I had them taken and started using them, I was booked out AND I was asked to speak at the Mumsnet Blogfest conference about beautifying your blog. The year before? I had barely brought in £1500 in business. Yeah. In the entire year.


How about this?

I want to make it easy for you.

Beautiful, fun, vibrant shots? Check.

Someone who REALLY understands your brand and can help you unleash the next level? Check.

Pictures that fit into that awkward website header and stay on brand? Check.

A bank of images that will keep your social media stocked up for a long while, including portraits, fun shots, and totally you-related, branded stock images? Checkitty check!



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