How to prep your DIY brand shoot (without screaming into a pillow): The workbook

All you need to create a brilliant, bursting-at-the-seams bank of personalised photos for all of your content needs on a budget
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How to plan your brand shoot without screaming into a pillow: the workbook

Ever wanted to know how a branding photographer gets a whole set of images for their clients that are full of variety and fun and aren’t, well, hastily cobbled up in an afternoon?

Maybe you’ve wanted to do your own branding shoot for your business for a while, but every time you sit down to think about what you need to do, you’re met with OVERWHELM! PANIC! OH GOD MY ARSE IS SWEATING! And so you put it off.

Or you create content only to spend inordinate amounts of time trawling stock image sites. And the images are great and all… but they aren’t YOU.

And you stop putting out your content, and your website grinds to a halt, and your social media looks like a wasteland.

It doesn’t matter until the time your clients dry up, and you need to try and turn the rusty churn of content creation again, trying to drum up fresh interest.

Your problem isn’t just too few clients, nor not having time. Its’ that you’ve never had a process for creating and prioritising your photographic content in the same way that you do with your products, services, blog posts or written content.

You know that photos are incredibly important. They help tell a story in seconds, so wouldn’t it be nice if they were telling YOUR story?

Introducing the How to Prep Your Brand Shoot Without Screaming Into a Pillow! A workbook chock full of all the resources you’ll need to go from content-panicker to content-pro, quickly.

I’m sharing all of my secrets and processes behind how I work and how I prep for brand shoots, from connecting to clients and understanding their needs, to creating storyboards and shot lists.

Inside this guide, I’ve included:

  • The importance of having a bank of images on hand
  • Understanding your audience, and relating that to your photographic content needs
  • How to plan the images you need
  • Creating storyboards, moodboards and shot lists
  • Planning the shoot itself
  • Real-life case studies of client work that I’ve created from start to finish
  • Simple, effective examples of shots, poses, styling and props you might want to consider for your own business

Who is it for?

Small businesses with small budgets who KNOW they need to create images, but can’t think how to fit that in around all the other hats they’re supposed to wear

The self-employed and micro-businesses who want to work with a photographer, but want to streamline the process and have more control to co-create the perfect bank of images for their needs

Photographers skilled in other areas wanting to build branding shoots into their client offerings.

And who am I? Hi, I’m Gemma Regalado, branding photographer, brand strategist and small business cheerleader. With 17 years of branding design and website coding under my belt, I transisionted into brand photography in 2018. And now I want to help more small businesses figure out this photography thing themselves when they might not have the budget to hire a pro.

This workbook is everything I’ve learned in 18 years of building online brands and websites and working with clients like Denise Duffield-Thomas, Katrina Ruth, Mel Wells and Suzy Ashworth to name a few .



I sell products. Is this workbook for me?

Absolutely. It doesn’t matter whether you sell pens or train people in acro yoga, this workbook helps you to prioritise and create unique photographic content that gives you a suite of images to use without wasting time, money, or energy

Can I use this if I’m a service provider?

Most of my clients are service providers, from website designers to yoga teachers to consultants to coaches to social media marketers. This process helps all small businesses, regardless of industry

Can I get a refund?

All sales are final and non-refundable, but if you have a query or complaint, please contact hey@gemmashootspeople.com and I will do my best to help you.

I don’t have a big fancy camera. Does this matter?

Nope! This workbook is camera-agnostic. I’m not going to show you the technical running of a shoot, or how to take photos. I’m going to help you prepare to create the content so that when you pick up the camera, you have a strong idea of what you need to be doing. So long as you have a camera on your phone, you can create content, and I’ll be releasing a class soon about branding photography for mobile phone camera users, so keep your peepers open!

I have questions. Can I contact someone?

Sure, contact me at hey@gemmashootspeople.com and I will get in touch with you asap

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