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Maybe you understand this…?

So often, we’re told to follow this plan, use this colour, follow this strategy, take this magic bean and grow it in your garden while knitting your anal beard and chanting Wiccan incantations and, BISH BASH BOSH, you’ll definitely be successful and your brand will become this amazing unicorn and you’ll roll in piles of freshly printed fifties forever more.

But, something ALWAYS FEELS A BIT OFF (or a LOT off – I’m looking at you “Knit your bumhair to business freedom!”) .

Part of it doesn’t stick, then you end up disillusioned and wondering why you’re not able to come up with content, thinking that maybe just getting a new website up, or changing the logo or font, or just organising your sock drawer and THEN it’ll work.

(Maybe just scroll through Instagram one little-itsy-bitsy more time and berate yourself for having a grid that looks about as cohesive as a Primark in the January Sales…)

C’mon. It can’t JUST be me who’s done this, right?


Hi, fellow business owner. I’m gemma

After a 17 year career (8 of which were self-employed) in web design, branding design and web development, I just wasn’t feeling it. I completely switched careers into photography in 2018, and quickly started to realise that this was my jam.

 I brought into the photography business my years of design and branding knowledge, along with my own flair, love of showing-off, and a bit of sweary realness. It felt totally natural to start running courses like this which help serve my core purpose which is helping others like you show up in the world like the majestic fucking unicorns you know you are, deep down.



But your brand, though…

Fact is, you’re bored of trying to follow someone else’s path. You’ve done tutorials on how to get your brand looking a particular way – maybe you’ve even paid someone to do some work for you, and now you’ve played around with things so much, it’s a bit muddled.

At best, it doesn’t feel like YOU. At least, not properly.  At worst? Your brand looks and feels like a turd. Not even one rolled in sequins, either. Just a common-or-garden turd-shaped turd. With extra flies.

And. It. Fucking. Sucks.

Ultimately, you just want to shape your brand YOUR way, help the people who you want to help, make great products or offer great services, have fun and earn at least enough money to not fall into your fucking overdraft every month (and ideally LOTS of lovely money).


sound familiar?

If you’re nodding right now, I’m creating a program for people like us. Something that keeps us accountable, something that makes the whole “running a business” thing feel less lonely, something that can actually be helpful in upgrading our brand.

You are ready to actually feel visible (even if it feels a bit scary)


You are ready to turn your brand from something mediocre to something full of vitality


You are ready to let go of stuff you feel you “should” be doing, and just focus on the things you actually NEED to do


You are ready to understand how to make the visual branding part feel easier and more intuitive – and upgrade what you’ve got currently


AND You are ready to fully put your trust in the work you’re doing


Sounds like you’re ready to be


A 30-day totally-online, group program to fully understand and create your brand from message to visuals



What will we cover?

If you answered yes to the last list, these are the areas that we’ll be covering over our  30 days together

Your core brand

Reconnect to what it is that called you to start what you’re doing to begin with, or connect to the brand voice that’s trying to show up.

Understand the people you want to attract and work with

Create a filter which everything you do with your brand can be scanned through


Learning, testing and understanding the work that helps your brand become more visible, and committing to doing that

Showing you what I do now, and what I have done in the past that worked brilliantly (and stuff that, well, DID NOT WORK BRILLIANTLY)



Creating and using a strategy for your own brand – based on what works for you, and including a healthy dose of creative freedom and intuition.

How to measure what works and what doesn’t, and tweaking your strategy as you move forward

What my current blueprint and strategy is, how I’m using it, and how I update it.


primping and pimping

Knowing when to upgrade the pretty stuff, like logos, websites, graphics and pictures.

Fucking perfection, and creating “good enough” visuals quickly, easily and within budget with my designer hacks.

Using your brand’s core message to inspire the brand design




Access to a Facebook group with other business owners all up for supporting and uplifting each other while putting in the work


4 live TRaining videos in the group, one per week, where you get to ask me questions about the theme of the week


PDF WORKSHEETS - some editable ones - on all the content I will cover, including all training worksheets, the questions I have asked to my previous design clients, and what I ask to all of my branding photography clients to uncover what they REALLY want.


Access to me with regular "Ask me anything" slots.


Lifetime access to all the video and PDF content, and the Facebook group (as long as Facebook exists)


Extra little surprises for all those people who actually show up and do the work




do the work. have fun. be accountable

Over 30 days together, we’ll hold each other accountable (YOU BET I’M DOING THIS WITH YOU), work through all those things that you’re told “SHOULD” work, but often don’t because you and your brand is not a fucking robot.


want in? we start feb 18th!


WAIT! I Have questions!

Will you teach me how to create branded graphics/Custom logos/website grpahics?

I will, but note that this ISN’T a graphic design course, so there’s no special formulaic approach. I’ll do it in the simplest ways possible, meaning you get to create your graphics quickly and easily, feel great about them, and get on with your day without pulling out your hair or punching holes in your laptop. You also get to ask me what kind of graphics you’re looking to create, and I can help give you feedback to make something better, more effective, and more efficient. The graphics are about supporting the brand, not BEING the brand.

Are you going to be talking about how to design a website?

I’m going to talk about branding, which WILL include websites, but I’m not going to got too in depth with this because web design is a WHOOOOLE other kettle of fish, and nowadays, so many people use different platforms. I WILL, however, give you the chance to ask me how to improve areas of your website in accordance with your brand strategy AND give you the foundations of what makes a website work well for the people using it.

Will you teach me photography tips?

All of the graphical and visual advice I give is going to be be largely guided by what YOU need. Yes, I am happy to give you photography-related advice to make the absolute best of your pictures, but this isn’t going to be a photography course. It’s going to help you create your visual brand based on your CORE brand.

Will i need a business or blog before starting the program?

It’s not totally required, but I *will* be giving in formation on how to improve and boost the visuals of what you have already. This is NOT a how-to on starting up your business or blog, and I won’t be showing you how to set up your own website, this is about building a brand from something that already exists, whether that’s simply a social media presence right now, or you have the whole website shebang.

If you need a website setting up, I highly recommend my friend Jenn from Hell Yeah Tech who can set all the tech bits up for you and you can then go mad pimping it up.

Can i get a refund?

As this is a digital course, sadly not. All sales are final.


Do you offer a payment plan?

As the price for this is incredibly affordable – £99 for all trainings for life, even ones that I add in the future  – there is no plan to have a payment plan

I already have a logo/professional photos/a fancy pants website. Is this for me?

If you feel that your current VISUAL brand (the pictures, websites, social media graphics) truly represent you, then no, this course isn’t for you. If, however, you need to understand your brand more wholly, like figuring out your why, being clear on your process, AND/OR you really need help trying to show up, then yes, this will help even if you do have the visual aspects in place.

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