Your kids. Authentic and frameable.

Un-posed, natural light family photography in Bristol

I want you to have the kind of pictures that you proudly post on Facebook or Instagram, the kind of pictures that make the cut for the annual calendar or the photo book.

The photos that you frame and put up on your desk, the ones that your closest friends say, “Oh, that is SO him!”

Natural, outdoor, playful. The toothless smiles, the dirt, the mismatched clothes they choose, the plait that always falls out. They’re the things you THINK you’ll remember, but as new things keep happening, sometimes those moments get a bit, well, put aside.

Until one quiet day, leafing through last years’ calendar, you see that one photo.

Me and 2 chimps had photo’s done with Gemma this weekend. Amazing. My daughter is 10 and my son is 4, they both LOVED Gemma. Gemma had connected with them both within 30 seconds of meeting them and my children posed and larked about and as a result we got some beautiful pics that really capture them as people.

Gemma is a truly talented photographer and bloody fabulous human – I will be recommending her far and wide!!!

Rebecca Spittles

Life Coach, rebeccaspittles.com

You see, I think pictures should accurately represent the true nature of the future adults we’re bringing up.

I don’t want studio shots. I don’t want pictures of parents lovingly but synthetically looking into each others’ eyes, holding out the names of their children in fucking Scrabble letters in front of them.

(What is with the Scrabble letters, anyway?!)

Look, no offence if that’s your jam, but it isn’t mine.

I just want kids to do what kids do, dressed like kids dress, enjoying life in the places that they enjoy.

Pictures that you could have taken (if you had the time, inclination, got the camera fixed etc.), just frameable.

So, I decided to come up with a plan.

Sorry, I haven’t even introduced myself yet, have I?

Hi, I’m Gemma, and I shoot people. In the face. With a camera.

I’m not some mega-experienced pro-photographer with hours upon hours of commercial experience. I’m a woman with a camera seeing a chance to share my skills with other people.

For the past few years, I was often the one at gatherings, parties, playdates armed with my trusty camera, and I’d always send the pictures to the people who were there. I would get WhatsApp messages from my friends or extended family saying how much they enjoyed seeing my pictures, and could I send this one and that one to them?

These pictures ended up getting printed out, put on walls, given pride of place in photo albums, sent as greetings cards to other people. One friend remarked that she’d never been so quick to get a photo printed out and framed!

I realised that there was a place in the world for my little camera and the pictures I take. So now? I’m doing this for people outside of my inner circle.

PolicyBee professional insurance broker

introducing The Authentic + Frameable sessions

A one-hour session with you and your children, ideally aged under 12 (maximum of 5 people, please) anywhere outdoors, or indoors where there’s a lot of natural light, within the BS (Bristol) postcode. Think a park, a beach, or a favourite spot in the city. I’ll meet you there.

I predominantly take pictures of the kids, and kids interacting with their grown-ups (if you want), unposed and natural, with only minimal direction, if any. I don’t have a huge camera or loads of kit; my camera is small and powerful, meaning I just start snapping relatively inconspicuously.

After the session ends, I’ll take the pictures I’ve snapped and edit them, just to tweak the contrast and colours. I’ll never airbrush your pictures (unless you have an annoying barnacle of a spot that you’d rather you didn’t remember – you can let me know). But basically, I’m not going to make you look like a Cosmo cover model, y’know?

Once the images are edited (should take a couple of working days, but I’ll let you know my turnaround times when we meet), I’ll email you an album that you can choose from.  I then send you the final images of your choice as a digital download.

simple. easy. absolutely no faff or bollocks.


So, you love it and want to book?

Brilliant, I’d love to shoot you!

With a camera, natch.

You can either book a session with me, or if you want to buy a session as a gift for someone, buy gift vouchers below instead

Can I cancel or change a session?

Sure, I get that sometimes things don’t go to plan. Let me know with as much notice as possible and you can either cancel your session with a full refund, or change to another mutually agreed upon date no less than 3 months in the future.

Are you insured?

Indeed I am! I am insured for professional indemnity and personal accident with PolicyBee. (It’s underwritten by Hiscox, so it’s top notch stuff).

Where do you recommend to have our pictures taken?

That totally depends on you! If your kids love a good beach walk, then somewhere like Weston-Super-Mare or Clevedon can be great backdrops. Alternatively, if they love 4-hour-long marathon of Uno at home, then I can come to you. As long as I can ensure lots of lovely, natural light, I’m game for most locations.

Are there any locations that you won't go to?

Anywhere that costs more than just the parking or bus fare. I have National Trust membership, so I’m happy to visit the local NT sites if you wish. However, places with an entrance fee, sorry, but no.

What if I want to buy more pictures?

That’s absolutely fine! You can buy extra snaps for £5 each, and if you buy 10 extra, you get all of the edited images from our shoot.

How do I book?

Really simple; follow the booking links in the pricing boxes above and select your preferred date and time. You will be moved onto the payment, which reserves your spot.

Prefer to talk to someone? Just email me at gemmaregalado@gmail.com and I can sort it all out for you.

Want to book a date less than 3 days away? Email me at gemmaregalado@gmail.com and I can check availability for you.

I've got some questions. Can I contact you?

Of course! Email me at hey@gemmashootspeople.com and I’ll do my best to answer any questions.

How long are the vouchers valid?

Your gift vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of receipt. I’ll make sure the date is on the voucher for you and your loved one

How do I receive the gift voucher?

Gift vouchers are emailed to you as printable PDFs.

Can I add a personal message to the gift voucher?

Of course! Just let me know during checkout, or by emailing me at hey@gemmashootspeople.com and I can make sure something nice is added to your voucher.

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