hi, i’m gemma

Bristol-based branding photography, serving the South West of the UK and beyond.

i Shoot people. In the face. With a camera.

I shoot people. in the face. With a camera.

potty-mouth, show-off, lovable bellend…

…And your next branding photographer

hi, i’m gemma

Potty-mouth, show-off, lovable bellend, and your next branding photographer.

Well, no-one got anywhere in business without being a little presumptuous.

But, enough about me for a hot minute. Let’s talk about you.

You’re probably here because you know you need some photos for your business, right?

Whether you’ve never had professional photos taken before, or you’re looking for your next set, I want you to pick the right person to work with.

Because, let’s be honest, sometimes picking a photographer can be a bit of a minefield. And how do you know you’ll get the results you want?

(Or if they’ll be able to direct you from gurning loon to accomplished business owner?)

i got you, boo


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Get your results

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