It's true. I shoot people.

In the face. With a camera.

My name is Gemma and I’ve been hiding something from you all: I’ve been in love with photography since I saw my friends with a Snappy Snaps kids camera on a school trip in the 1980s.

Worse still, I didn’t realise it was a, I guess, “passion” of mine until very recently. And I’m 34 and three-quarters.

I asked for a camera every year for Christmas and birthdays from the age of 7 and *CUE VIOLINS* I didn’t get one until I was 15 – and if I’m honest, I only used this occasionally because the film processing fees were pretty hefty for someone earning £11  week on a paper round.  I upgraded to a film DSLR in my twenties, but never really understood it, so I sold it and bought a digital compact.

HASHTAG FUCKING LIFE-CHANGING. I could take a picture and see if it was shit right then and there?! I loved the excitement of film, but the crushing disappointment of crap prints that cost £7 a go was pretty miserable. Digital and I were going to be good friends.

If I’m honest, this blog is a hobby, something for me to play with. Taking a camera and documenting the people and things in my life that bring me joy. These pictures let me remember my moments, they tell others that I existed and that my perspective matters. This about page isn’t the standard structure of “what-your-pain-points-are-and-how-I-can-help-you-leading-oh-so-neatly-into-all-about-how-fucking-brilliant-I-am”. This blog mainly exists for me, and for anyone who feels entertained and/or moved by the posts and pictures contained inside it.

My name is Gemma, I have one daughter, one husband and one camera (it’s the Canon G7X – yes, it’s a compact). Pleased to meet you.

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