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So, you need new branding photos

What next?

I see you.

You’re fed up of trying to find a decent picture of yourself and it’s dragging your confidence – and business – through the mud.

You’ve tried scrabbling around on Facebook, and found the only half-decent, professional picture of you is one where you’re wearing a bridesmaid dress with terrible eyebrows and strawpedoing a bottle of champagne, a rowdy crowd of family members surrounding you cheering “Chug! Chug! Chug!”.

Then you asked your partner to take a photo of you, but you ended up looking like your reflection in the back of a spoon.

Eventually you pick a photo of you from a family hike taken by your Uncle with the nice camera.

Surely that’s good enough… right?

Until you think about Your website

Or that Guest blog. Or, holy shit, social media…

One average image doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.

You know all too well that a good image can help get the eyeballs on the work you’re putting out there.

It feels like you’re working doubly hard to get seen because literally no-one has seen your face.

And all those stock images? Well, sure, they’re nice enough, but they’re just not telling YOUR story the way it needs to be to be told.

Who am i?

OH Hi! I’M your next branding PHOTOGRAPHER, Gemma

I’m the sweary wordsmith behind the amusingly named Gemma Shoots People (and trust me, that name helps to filter the people who get me straight away. Uncoventional marketing tactics is my jam).

I spent 17 years as a web developer and branding designer, only professionally turning my hand to photography in 2018 after I realised all of my friends and family were putting the pictures I took of them up on mantelpieces and printing them on cards.

Branding is something I’m INCREDIBLY passionate about, and I have a LOT to say on the subject, but what you need to know is that I took the best bits of a 17-year career in design and development and teamed them up with a life-long love of photography so I can help you show up like the majestic mothertrucker you are.





Imagine being able to submit that article to a national media outlet along with your image.

Imagine your ideal clients seeing your beautiful images on Facebook and commenting, “When I saw that image, I KNEW I had to work with you!”

Imagine seeing your headshot in a line up for an amazing live event that you’re headlining.

Imagine having enough images to post something new every day on Instagram, knowing that it looks totally aligned with your brand.


I can help.


Laura bennett, wearethebohemians.net

Gemma ‘got’ what I wanted and needed better than I did, and I was absolutely thrilled with the results!

I took a 5-hour round trip to see Gemma in Bristol for my photoshoot! She totally would have come to me, but I trusted her so much I wanted to put myself in her hands entirely for the day, knowing she’d give me perfect results!

Gemma helped me relax straight away and very soon we were just two mates, hanging around Stokes Croft having fun, taking photos and having a giggle. As expected, she ‘got’ what I wanted and needed better than I did, and I was absolutely thrilled with the results!

Worth the 5 hour round trip? Absolutely! These photos fit my brand perfectly and I’ll be able to use them for years!… Would it be wrong to book another shoot just for fun?!


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I’m based in Bristol, but I’m more than happy to travel.

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